“Before this equatorial coin, Ahab, not unobserved by others, was now pausing.”     – Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Fishing, equipment and travel related to fishing and research consume both days and dollars. Only the most hell-bent adventurer proceeds when the penniless night descends. I have often been that man who travels without consideration for expense – our motto is that we must reach the next bend in the river, to see what is there.

My winnings as a kayak tournament angler partly fund my travels. On other occasions, I have received the generous assistance of scientists, anglers and librarians as I travel from museum to museum, library to archive, tournament to hotel. Bowfin Country is not an empty place, nor is it necessarily cruel.

A number of businesses have also supported  my endeavors. They supply my work and I am forever grateful for their generosity. Please share, follow and patronize the companies who have helped me fish through Bowfin Country: